ASi manufactures an impressive assortment of abrasive belts in aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia and non-woven material.

Aluminum Oxide

Our standard aluminum oxide resin bond cloth belts are useful for metalworking, woodworking and polishing applications. They are available in a variety of popular sizes and grits, but we will manufacture any size necessary to meet your belt sanding needs.

Silicon Carbide
Used primarily for glass, our silicon carbide closed coat belts have a heavy duty polyester backing that can be used either wet or dry. The most popular sizes of these resin bond belts are kept in stock for immediate shipment. For sizes and grits available, download ASi Coated Abrasives for Glass in PDF format (188kb) or go to our glass abrasives web page.

For heavy stock removal applications, ASi also manufactures zirconia belts made to your specifications. Zirconia belts are well suited for heavy metal grinding and wood planing.

Surface Conditioning Belts

Our non-woven surface preparation belts are an excellent replacement for steel wool in light deburring and cleaning operations. They also create beautiful scratch patterns and come in grits of coarse, medium and very fine. Contact ASi for more information.


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