Non-woven abrasives are made from three basic materials: a natural or synthetic grain, a nylon or polyester fiber, and a resin bond that impregnates the grain throughout the fiber weave. Abrasive Source offers a variety of non-woven abrasive products.


Hand Pads
Our 6"x 9" hand pads can be used wet or dry for cleaning, finishing, blending and light deburring of metals and plastics, for defuzzing wood, and for paint and lacquer scuffing.



Abrasive Rolls
The versatility of our hand pads is also available in non-woven abrasive rolls. With a standard length of 30 feet, these rolls can be cut in widths to meet your specifications.


Surface Conditioning Stars
The die-cut shape of our surface-conditioning stars makes them ideal for finishing the interior diameters of holes or pipes. The standard 1/4-20 threaded eyelets turn easily onto our pad mandrels.


Quick-Change Discs
Quick-change discs made from non-woven material are great for surface preparation and finishing on a variety of different metals. Our turn-on type “S” and roll-on type “R” discs allow operators to change discs quickly, with no tooling. Quick-change holders also available.

Surface Conditioning Belts
Our non-woven surface preparation belts are an excellent replacement for steel wool in light deburring and cleaning operations. They also create beautiful scratch patterns and come in grits of coarse, medium and very fine. Contact ASi for more information.



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