Square Pads

Square pads can be used at high speeds for simultaneously grinding and polishing the sides of grooves, channels and fillets, or for spotting out flat surface flaws. As the corners wear down, fresh abrasive is exposed and the pad becomes round, requiring less stock removal.  Spin-on mandrels are also available.



Cross Pads

Cross pads are designed to allow the user to see through the contact area as the pad is in motion, allowing for close-tolerance finishing and polishing. The quick-change eyelet feature permits the user to replace pads in seconds. Spin-on mandrels are also available.



Hand Pads
Among our non-woven abrasive products are 6" x 9" hand pads made of nylon impregnated with abrasive grain and bonded with resin. An ideal replacement for steel wool, our hand pads can be used for cleaning, finishing, blending and light deburring.


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