Abrasive Source stocks a wide variety of abrasive discs to satisfy your disc sanding needs.


P.S.A. Cloth Discs

Our P.S.A. (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) cloth discs have a heat-resistant adhesive that prevents the discs from slipping or flying off during use. Use these aluminum oxide resin bond discs for light blending, finishing and polishing on contoured areas of metals and soft hardwoods. Stik-on disc holders are also available.



Quick-Change Discs
ASis quick-change discs allow operators to change discs quickly, with no tooling. These aluminum oxide and zirconia discs come in a variety of sizes and grits and can be used in applications with wood, metal, glass, plastics and other materials. Quick-change discs made from non-woven material are great for surface preparation and finishing on a variety of different metals. All quick-change discs are available in turn-on type “S” and roll-on type “R” used with quick-change holders.



Resin Fibre Discs Aluminum Oxide
Resin Fibre Discs Zirconia
For tough grinding operations that require strength and durability, ASi offers heavy-duty resin fibre discs in aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and zirconia. These discs are great for weld blending, deburring and general-purpose metal grinding and finishing. Use with our rubber backing pads or get them with the quick-change hub.


  Slotted Discs
For light blending or deburring where flexibility is required, try our aluminum oxide resin bond slotted discs. Standard sizes and grits are listed in the ASi catalog, but these handy discs can be custom made with any size, grit and material required to fit your needs.

Threaded Overlap Discs, 2/Set

Threaded Overlap Discs, 4/Set

The unique design of our overlap disc sets allows users to reach into otherwise inaccessible areas. Use the 2-disc sets for deburring, finishing or polishing radii and frontal areas. The 4-disc sets work well for finishing the interiors and back areas of holes and cylinders in one pass. Both sets feature a spin-on eyelet for quick changeovers. Spin-on mandrels are also available.


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