Abrasive Source offers a variety of abrasive cloth and paper sheets for hand and power sanding.

Cloth Sheets

  • Aluminum Oxide 9" x 11" Cloth Sheets have a closed coat design that provides more surface removal. They have a durable, flexible backing and can be used on metals, wood and fiberglass.

  • 9" x 11" Emery Cloth Sheets have a round-shaped natural grain making them useful for polishing and cleaning metals. Available in coarse, medium and fine grits, they can be used for hand and power sanding of wood and metal surfaces.

Paper Sheets

  • Aluminum Oxide 9" x 11" Paper Sheets have an open coat design that allows for non-loading. Available in A, C, and D-weight paper, these sheets are frequently used in cabinet shops for both finishing and more aggressive sanding operations.

  • Aluminum Oxide Stearate Paper Sheets also have an open coat design plus a stearate coating for non-loading. These 9" x 11" sheets perform well, wet or dry, on wood, metal and fiberglass.

  • Garnet Paper Sheets have a natural reddish-brown grain useful for finishing applications in wood, especially soft woods such as pine or fir. These 9" x 11" sheets come in several grits on A, C and D-weight paper.

  • Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper Sheets have a durable, synthetic grain that can be used wet or dry for more aggressive finishing on lacquer, wood and fiberglass. Measuring 9" x 11", these A and C-weight sheets are available in several grits.


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