The classic flap wheel is designed for polish-grinding, blending and cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of all types of metal. Flap wheels can also be used on plastic, rubber or wood and are great for reaching into holes and contours of flat and irregular surfaces. They are made of flexible abrasive flaps mounted onto an unbreakable epoxy core or sturdy steel flange.

Mounted Flap Wheels

Our mounted flap wheels are designed with the 1/4" shank mounted right into the wheel. The aluminum oxide X-weight resin bond flaps are great for deburring, finishing and polishing tight areas. They are also available with a 1/4"-20 thread spin-on shank for quick-change operations. The 1/4" quick change adapter for use with the spin-on wheel is also available.

Mini Flap Wheels

The same quality material used for our mounted flap wheels is also used to make our mini flap wheels. These smaller wheels have a 1/8" shank and can reach into small holes or grooves for fast polishing and light deburring.

Unmounted Flap Wheels

Abrasive Source also has unmounted flap wheels for use on portable or stationary grinders. A variety of sizes, grain types, grits and special shapes are available.


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