Cartridge rolls reach into corners and small holes for fast deburring, blending and polishing. Each layer of the aluminum oxide resin bond cloth wears away as the roll continues to cut and polish. Cartridge rolls are made in a wide variety of grits and sizes and are also available in glue bond, silicon carbide and zirconia.

Full Taper Cartridge Rolls
Half Taper Cartridge Rolls
Straight Cartridge Rolls

Our full taper, half taper and sidewall type rolls have a spiral design for use in angles and corners and on jobs with sharp edges, channels or irregular surfaces. Cartridge roll mandrels also available.

Tapered Cone Points
The distinctive shape of our cone points makes them indispensable for deburring, finishing or polishing difficult-to-reach areas. They are especially useful on jobs with small holes, intricate shapes or irregular surfaces. Cone point mandrels also available.


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